Slide show on how Thangkas are made
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Ever since the Buddhism rooted in Tibet, the tradition of depicting Thangkas might have been prevalent around in the area where
Buddhism spread . It was about 10th century meanwhile tantric Buddism was gradually being developed in Tibet. The tradition of
Thangka painting was just outset in Tibet and is not confined only within Tibet and Tibetan community but those who adopted the
Tibetan Buddhism learnt this art so as Tamangs, Sherpas ,Thakalis, Yolmos, Manangeys, and Newars are the instants. Most of the
Thangka viewer simply think that Thangka is an art of the Buddhist scholar of higher intellectuality revere it with entire homage
considering mystic power of Lamaistic dieties . In accordance with the religious culture, the Thangka to be kept at the worship
room sanctifies with holy water muttering mantras to enliven Thangka's mystic power and puts kada (a silk scarf) on it . Since then
the devotee use to bow his /her head before it at the time of worship specially in the morning. Almost people never consider the
Thangka as an object of decoration . By worship of Tara (doma) goddess results lucrative for the business and as well as the
(wrathful diety). Dharmapala protects from the hazardous, calamity, subduing enemies, every accident and fulfilling ones desire in
believed with empty heart.
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