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Om (ôm) , for Hindus and Buddhists, a mystic word or mantra. Om is regarded as the syllable of the
supreme Reality and is sometimes called “the mother of mantras.” It is often found at the beginning of
prayers, mantras, and scriptures as a word of invocation and adoration. In Hinduism its three Sanskrit
phonemes (transliterated a, u, and m) symbolize the triad of Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver,
and Shiva the destroyer, or the three levels of consciousness: waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. In
Buddhism it is often understood as symbolizing the true “empty” (see sunyata) character of reality, as
that truth has been communicated by various historical Buddhas, celestial Buddhas, and, directly, by the
true character of reality itself.
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